Labour Code to become law this year

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011 - The much awaited Labour Code is expected to become law in January this year.    That's according to Saint Lucia's Attorney General and Minister for Justice Senator Honourable Lorenzo Rudolph "Doddy" Francis.

Once enacted the Labour Code which was passed in Parliament in 2006, is expected to facilitate a level playing field between employers and employees by clearly indicating the parties rights and responsibilities.

Francis says the required changes to the Labour Code has been undertaken and the document is prepared to be taken to the Parliament at the first sitting of the House of Assembly later this month.

"There were certain amendments that Parliament required before the code can actually take effect. Now that the Labour Code Amendment Act has been finalised, the code will be going to Parliament in early January 2011."

Meantime the Attorney General says government has finalised sixteen other pieces of legislation which will be brought before Parliament at its first sitting in January.

Francis says one of the other significant pieces of legislation which will be tabled by the Honourable Prime Minister in Parliament is the Proceeds of Crime Amendment Act.

"That piece of legislation already has received interest as there was some discussion about the Proceeds of Crime Amendment Act in Parliament some time ago.  Under this legislation, the police will have the power to stop and search and to forfeit any proceeds that is determined to have been obtained illegally or via a crime."

Other pieces of legislation which will be tabled by Government at Parliament First Sitting in January include the Public Order Act, the Insurance Act, the Evidence Amendment Bill and the Electronic Transaction Bill.

Source:  Government Information Service - St. Lucia

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